Meticulously hand-crafted with the finest ingredients, Bakluvit Baklava features a flakey fillo dough crumble top, a double-layered nutty center crunch, and mouthwatering layers of moist goodness to rouse your senses. Our baklava is baked fresh in small batches with the freshest walnuts from the Coastal Valleys of California, 100% clarified grade AA butter, and a slight accent of freshly ground organic cinnamon. No honey and no corn syrup.

Tantalize your taste buds in the sexy sophistication of the Mediterranean’s most decadent dessert and discover what love at first bite tastes like.


In 2009, built on three generations of baklava baking, knowledge, and love, I finally convinced my family to share the secret of delicious, all-natural premium baklava with the world. Using only the freshest ingredients and hand-crafted to perfection, you’ll find each bite of Bakluvit Baklava as delicious and satisfying as the last.

I traveled across the world to find the most premium ingredients. You don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy the world’s best baklava. Thanks to Bakluvit team and all our fans, the World’s Most Lovable Baklava will come to you.

Live, love, & laugh.

With gratitude,
Ramsey Al-Ramahi
CEO & Founder of Bakluvit, Inc.



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